Tuesday, January 15, 2008

perohy dinner

finally, i will not have to make another perogy until next year. don't get me wrong, i LOVE perogies, but only making the first 50, after that it gets tedious but then you get all these great compliments and it's all worth it. so i think our annual perogy dinner went off without a hitch. every year horchie and fret that we don't have enough food so i hope everyone just wasn't being nice when they said they had enough to eat. the menu was the usual, for us anyway:

mushroom and onion perogies
sauerkraut perogies
potato and cheddar perogies (of course!)
lazyman cabbage rolls
kolbasa (all the way from manitoba!)
maybe next year i'll tackle babka for dessert and host a pysanky workshop in the afternoon...hmmm, but maybe i should just stick to perogies for the time being.

the townhouse was jammed packed. i can't believe how many kids there were running around! i think the final count was at 10 and that's not including the little ones that are still on the way! the best part about throwing parties is the free babysitting. by the end of the night i was missing my little monster. he had gone down for a nap earlier on the evening and missed some of the action. poor amy su held him in her arms until he fell asleep. her little stick arms were jello for the rest of the evening. conrad returned in good spirits after nap sporting a "heartbreaker" onesie. watch out girls.

we were hoping to squeeze in some wii action but our new tv didn't get shipped in time for the festivities and i was hoping we could play with joshy's new guitar hero that he got for christmas. darn! and poor little maddy had to watch franklin on the crapbox. like mel said, "it's like watching tv star wars style all the time."

so there was much eating, drinking and merriment that night. thanks, folks, for the great turn out and ukie prezzies. until next ukrainian christmas.

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krista said...

god! you had us at mushroom and onion! what a droolfest (food and babies)!