Tuesday, November 25, 2008

blue steel

we got the email on last thursday. conrad had been chosen to participate in robeez's spring/summer photoshoot and since he's been practicing his blue steel, please see below.

i couldn't believe my eyes when i read the email, i had to log out and log back in to make sure i wasn't going nuts as my baby brain is still not functioning properly and sadly i have suspicions that it may never recover but that's a whole other post.

anyways, they didn't give too much notice as we received the email on thursday and the shoot was the following tuesday, which meant i had to book conrad in for a mani, pedi, facial and a massage on really short notice, afterall this could be our, i mean his big break.

i was really uncertain about how conrad was going to react once we got there, you know, the arrogant photographer, snooty personal assistants and other catty showbiz moms but he was as cool as a cucumber. he was like, "mama, you gotta keep your cool." before long he was running amuck in the green room, going through all the shoe samples, flirting with the older ladies and keeping it real with the other baby models. i didn't have to worry none, all i had to do was keep him from pulling down the set because that boy is sure fast on his feet now.

and he totally rocked it. it was totally like america's next top model with the art director going through the shots as they were being taken and the stylists were adjusting and re-adjusting conrad's wardrobe. like, totally. he was so much of a star that that they asked if it was alright if conrad could don a pair of bloomers and mary-janes to do some crawling shots. well, conrad wasn't about to be one of those girls who want to get into modelling so badly but not do nude shots, like c'mon. the only problem was he was not a crawler anymore so those shots might not make the cut. the photographer was even like, "you can stop being so easy going." totally rocked it.

after three wardrobe changes his work was done. i wish i was able to take a few more behind the scenes photos but conrad really kept me on my toes. so be on the look out for conrad's mug on the robeez website as well as any posters at your local baby store. hopefully i'll hear from robeez people once they launch the new spring/summer line.