Tuesday, January 15, 2008

baby girl(friend)

dripping wet and cold. that's how i answered the phone yesterday morning to the fantastic news, good thing i got out of the shower for that one. loong and shuh have welcomed their new baby girl! she sized up to conrad almost identically upon her arrival. oh, she is precious. looks like she's a good mix of mom and dad. so far i think she has loong's eyes and shuh's lips. we can't be happier for this little new family. no name yet, but we're anxiously waiting. congratulations, chan clan!

oops, wrong baby!

baby girl

conrad met his little girlfriend and even got to see her naked as the nurse bathed her. how's that for a first date! (you snooze, you lose, jayden!) good thing both sets of parents were there to chaperone. just look at them!

papas hanging out with their babes

(and clearly my baby brain still plagues me as i don't have a picture of shuh to post. how could i forget to take a family pic?!? so duh.)


krista said...

CHAN CLAN needs blog. Thanks for posting Ro!! Us Easterners need our fix.

Jack Bristow said...

Awww miss you two :)