Wednesday, January 2, 2008


christmas and new year's has come and gone and leaving in it's wake is one unfinished storyboard, one booty that's gotten bigger (not my booty), one big zit and one sleepy baby. the winner of the biggest christmas haul this year has got to be conrad, from books to cd's to toys to coins, the kid's got it made. i must say i was pretty excited when i helped him open his very first tupperware toy (thanks donna and blaine!).

he, on the other hand was pretty unimpressed by this whole scene called christmas. an honourable mention goes to the transformer edition of mr. potato head. it really does "more than meets the fry"! thanks, millie!

the two cousins

it really was a wonderful first christmas together. once again the turkey we ordered from 3P was DELICIOUS. i will never buy a frozen turkey again! i'm not usually a white meat person but you'll never know the difference with these non-medicated, free run turkeys. here's a virtual sampling of our christmas dinner menu:

14lbs of turkey goodness + stuffing
wild rice and cranberry stuffing
baked squash slices
garlic mashed potatoes
steamed carrots + brussel sprouts

doh. amidst all the cooking and prepping fury we did not take any photos of this scrumptious meal but for the record, it was damn good. you know there is this thing about brussel sprouts. now i don't know know what it is but there is this thing that you need brussel sprouts to make christmas and thanksgiving dinner complete. i can't say it's a nostalgic thing because i probably had brussel sprouts for the first time about 6 six years ago. maybe it is because they look like cute little martian brains, i wonder if this is attributed from my chinese heritage, but anyhow, i do like the little green martian brains, but once a year is enough for me.

and of course this year, like every year, the kwan's went out for dinner on christmas day. but we tired something new this year, and for those who know anything about my dad, that is a big deal. we went for shanghai-nese food as opposed to cantonese. crazy, huh? shanghai-nese instead of cantonese. talk about living on the edge! the joint was in richmond and for those who know me, know that richmond is strictly on a need-to-go basis. oh, what a headache. right off the bat we got lost and it was snowing and the rav line construction was a big pain in the butt. like i said before, on a need-to-go basis. thank goodness there is an ikea in coquitlam. the food was pretty good but it was nothing to rave about. i was looking forward to the more homestyle foodstuffs such as dumplings, fried noodles and bread but it was more fancy shanghai-nese food, i would say more cantonese-style shanghai-nese food.

for several years now, jay and i have been celebrating ukrainian christmas. this was a result of the inability for both of us to buy and wrap christmas gifts on time (overcrowded malls were also a big turn-off). so, being the procrastinators that we are, we decided that ukrainian christmas was more our style, plus there's the added bonus of buying cheap gifts! this year will even be simpler as we'll be purchasing a new tv as our ukrainian christmas presents to each other. this is after being swindled by my mother for our tv that we had bought from girl when she decided to move to victoria. what a great little tv. it lives in my mom and dad's room now. grr. the tv we swapped for is an absolute shitbox. the picture is stretched to shit, and because we're still doing we've been watching movies where the characters are midgets with humungous foreheads. anyone really desparate for a tv? we've got a winner for you.

christmas break is anything but relaxing. so much running around and visiting and such. my sister came back from cowtown as did my mother-in-law (MIL) and anita. i'm glad anita dropped in for a visit because we missed out on dinner at la bodega to meet her elusive BF, who apparently has glimpses of loong, aka conrad hog #1, in him. how can that be?!? loong is but one in a million! alas, we'll have to wait until we meet again.

we rang in the new year again with dave and linds....with fondue again! just like last year but with two new babies and minus the sauna, mandingo's and a dude passed out on lac de roche. ah, good times. dev, christina and their little one, dayton, were also on hand to celebrate. wow, who would've thunk that all six of us would be celebrating new year's eve with our babies. insane in the membrane. conrad, being the little monster that he is, refused to go down like his little pals, so the mad little partier counted down with the adults and stole some kisses from the gals. what a flirt!

the 3 pals hanging out on the couch, with conrad in his regular spot, "the crease"

so here's to a healthy and happy 2008, everyone!

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Ribsy said...

Happy New Year! Does Conrad's shirt say "I Heart Snow"? If that's the case, please come visit us in the Hammer!