Monday, January 28, 2008

celebrate with snow buddies

5ive months. yes, folks, it has been five months since the wee monster first entered this world kicking and screaming. the day started yesterday with a slight sprinkling of snow which then progressed to cotton balls and in mere hours centimeters became inches. once the snow lightened up we braved the elements for a birthday stroll in the snow. what the stroller needed was ski attachments. i wonder if that exists...a possible business venture? probably not. but anyway, back to the monster. he was lucky enough to celebrate this one with some snow buddies. what a lucky little boy. i know i've said this before, but where has the time gone? my little baby is just growing up too quickly. parents tell me all time just how quickly it passes by but this is unreal. he will be 6 months in just a few weeks. that's half a year! he's still a pretty serious little boy but he starting to get more giggly and smiley. in the past week he's starting to roll over from back to front. he was pretty elusive about it at first, we'd just find him on his belly but we've caught him doing it a couple of times now.

rrowrr! nice snow lions.

yay for snow buddies!

it is astounding just watching how much my little monster's gross and fine motor skills develop. he's been grasping things for awhile and now he's rolling over and grabbing hold of his little feets. he can't sit up on his own yet but i'm sure that's just around the corner. oh my sweet boy.

music class! conrad and i have been going to music class at the eileen daily community center. it is so much fun! we moms just sing-a-long and dance with our babies. we even have a daddy in our class. i think that is so great! i wish horchie was so lucky but it's definately better for him work-wise with less distractions. soon it'll be time to sign up for water babies! i cannot wait for the summer to roll around, we'll be living in that pool of ours.

so what's up with the weather? there has been so much snowfall in the last two years that it seems like something fishy is going on. the last time i remember this much snowfall was when i was in highschool and class was cancelled for a whole week. yes. definately makes you wonder what's mother earth has in store for us.

hanging out as central park. don't get your feets stuck in the pond, silly gulls!

hanging out at deep cove. don't forget to stop in for a donut at honey's. mmm, to die for.

ever so serious

here's half a roll for you


amy said...

oh my, conrad's got some cleavage there! he's growing so fast! I miss him... I'll come by for a visit soon.

Jenn said...

Ro! Been a long time since I've seen ya. Musta been back in the scouting days? No, wait, it was dragonboating.
Anyhow as per your question, there is a stroller that has ski attachements, They are made in Calgary. So get Rita to hook you up with one. We have the CX2 and it's great for the walks to the beach. Hope to talk to you soon, email me some time.