Friday, March 28, 2008

bear attacks infant at calgary zoo

during a visit to the calgary zoo, a super, adorable baby boy from burnaby, BC suddenly found his chubby little leg wedged in between the ferocious jaws of a brown bear.  his aunt, a resident of the oil rich province, was with the boy at the time of attack.  she tried to pry the young infant from the wild beast as his mother took the time to take a picture for the family photo album.  after the the photo was taken, the bear happily released his grip and the trio finished their tour of the the zoo without further altercations.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

hello, calgary

conrad passed his first ever plane ride with flying colours.  didn't even phase him one bit.  i was concerned with his ears popping but i fed him during take off and landing and it must've worked because it didn't seem to bother him at all.  he really took to the lady sitting beside us as he kept on pulling at her sleeve...must be a grandma thing.  he slept through most of the flight and behaved like a wee little angel when he was awake.  the lady sitting behind us said she didn't even realize there was a baby sitting in front of her!  pretty awesome, huh?

just chilling on aunty rita's couch, taking a break from watching ellen.

the aftermath of being fed by his aunt

catching up with dad.  i love free long distance calling.

i think traveling with young babies would be easier if there were baby suitcases.

the forecast was looking pretty cold before we left for calgary but luckily it really hasn't been that bad so we took a walk down to chinatown.  these people really know how to celebrate easter.

i didn't think calgary could be this modern. this house is just down that street from rita's apartment building.  it'll probably go for about a cool mill, as in $1,000,000.

oh, conrad, can you look a little more interested when partaking in goofy tourist photos with your mother?

so rita and i decided to go for a little afternoon snack at the famed (not really) ABC hong kong style cafe. we both ordered the HK style french toast with condensed milk which included an HK style tea.  i need to remember that i'm not in vancouver but rather calgary so i shouldn't be so critical on the chinese food here.  overall, it wasn't too bad.  

conrad often satisfies his curiousity by handling things and this piece of french toast sure intrigued him.  he went right for it, digging his little fingers into it.  little did he know that it was still hot.   so, there are two lessons to be learned here:

1.  don't touch hot things.  (conrad)
2.  remember to be faster on the draw.  (rita)

yeah, he really had a good hold of it.

all the sights have just tuckered this little guy out.  the weather quickly turned sour a few short hours after this photo was taken.  it started snowing.  what's with all the snow in march?  bizarre.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

backlog blogging on location from calgary

it has been an all birthday month this march as i can only get things done a little at a time so that's why jay's birthday has lasted 2 weeks long as all birthdays should last. everyone should make this cake for someone special especially if they love chocolate cake. i opted for a chocolate whipped cream icing instead (thanks, naomi!) which was equally delicious.

i could've have eaten both cakes!


conrad got his dad a hand crank flashlight which is exactly what we need to get started on our earthquake kit. it goes perfectly with our hand crank/solar panel radio. and he also got the new wilco album on vinyl from his one true love (that's me).

i was spoiled with take out sushi from favorite burnaby sushi joint, bentei sushi and i got flowers! i can't remember the last time i got flowers, it was a very nice surprise. no cake for me but you know what is just a good as cake? a heavenly chocolate babka bun from solly's, that's what. thank you, jason.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


ever tried travelling with a baby? the ratio of baby luggage to adult luggage is 3:1...and that's a minimum. but i guess you can't leave them at home, could you? but easter is always fun up in keremeos because easter = turkey. turkey = a good night's sleep, until it's time for a late night snack for the monster. but he did sleep incredibly well. must've been baba's house because it was back to the norm when we got home on monday.

a good start to the drive.  

good morning!

easter baby bunny!  thank you, mr + mrs K for the easter bunny!  he tastes real good. (a bit cannibalistic?)

the easter bunny set up a very pleasant surprise for the horychun kids.  jay's god parents came for a surprise visit and stayed for dinner.  i must say that i was very surprised!  conrad took to elizabeth instantly!

a good time was had by all but there must come a time to say farewall for now.  playing with baba before heading back home.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

not so jolly...jumper

my moo stickers finally arrived. they are so rad! only thing is they came out a bit darker than the original images so the nice folks at moo gave me an additional stickerbook for free! thank you! so for those who are interested just brighten up your images a tad before submission. next cards!

we've had trouble finding the studs in our ceiling (oops, several holes later!) in the living room so we haven't been able to move the jolly jumper from our bedroom doorway. conrad is totally pissed.

so i tried hanging the jolly jumper on the deck for some new scenery and fresh air but he still wasn't impressed...

my feet can't even touch the deck, mom! gaad!

but check out his cool threads in his pissed off photo. we got it at the japanese flea market at nikkei place for a buck. ONE BUCK! what a deal. we also got a couple more pieces of clothing and a pair of shoes for my little buddy as well as some tupperware! we got a killer deal because the lady selling it used to do parties but got out of the business. we got 6 modular mate pieces with cobalt blue lids for $32! it was so meant to be. thank you tupperware lady, you made my day!

we planted so garlic last fall and look how well it's doing! we aren't doing the community garden this year which is a bummer because the Parker's are getting a plot right beside our old one! but dave and linds are clearing out little dog's pen for a backyard garden so we'll be taking part in that. fun!

my cousin jacky was on a 22 day vacation and decided to cruise into vancouver for a few days. the last time he was in town was about 7-8 years ago when he was just a young punk...still is. he absolutely loved conrad but who doesn't? jacky also gotten into modeling since the last time i saw him...i know, big time. check him out, he's apparently with HK's largest talent agency.

oh, conrad, you are a heartbreaker!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

welcome, max

this little bit of info deserves a post of it's very own. josh and naomi welcomed their beautiful little boy, max, yesterday afternoon. he too was early like conrad, and he was raring to come out as labour was less than 12 hours with only a half hour of pushing! (phew! i still retain the pushing title!) both mom and dad are doing and looking great.

boy, i thought conrad was pretty darn cute when he was born but that was a very biased opinion, but this little fella is keee-YOOT. it helps when you have very good looking parents. he didn't have any of those newborn traits like the conehead or the wrinkly, old man face. he was nice and 'rosie' with plump little fingers and hands. and he has the littlest baby cry, he is just precious. we are so happy for you, guys, congratulations!

here's melissa and i fawning over little max(ie).

lordy, lordy, looks who's 37

happy birthday, horchie! i know, he doesn't look his age, it must be because he's got such a youthful wife! since he's got curling playoffs tonight, we celebrated last night with a feast from vij's rangoli.

oh, my. oh, my my my. it was simply delicious. vikram vij is indeed a genius because those who have babies who don't take the bottle can't wait 3 hours just to get a table at vij's so we brought vij's to burnaby. it was too easy. ready made dinners, all you need to do is dunk those little bags into boiling water for 20 minutes and voila! but apparently it was too easy because i forgot to make the rice (doh!), good thing i picked up some naan.

here's what was on the menu:

punjabi lamb curry
saag and paneer
garnet yams and green chili dumplings
tamarind and date chutney and naan

and don't forget dessert: vij's rice pudding. Y-U-M!

look's like he enjoyed it as much as i did. poor little monster only had rice cereal for dinner, but i don't think it bothered him much. maybe next year buddy!

happy birthday, my love xxxx