Tuesday, January 29, 2008

beautiful day **catch up post**

last monday turned out to be a beautiful day so conrad and i set out for a mommy and baby snowshoeing adventure. boy, i thought we'd never get out of the house. it was a whirlwind start to the day of gathering extra clothes, extra warm clothes, toys, diapers, boots, gloves, ski pants, etc. by the time i had finished packing it looked like we were going away for days but really, it was only a 1.5 hour excursion! but like the boy scout motto says, be prepared!

it was our first time snowshoeing and i was kind of nervous as this was the first-ish time for serious physical activity...aside from the time i had to bike to lougheed mall but let's not talk about that because i get nauseous just thinking about it. we had been looking forward to it for ages because our friend, janey, is the leader of the pack, plus it was cancelled the previous week due to poor weather, but not last monday. it was glorious. the day couldn't have been more perfect and i wasn't foaming at the mouth at the end of the hike.

view of mount baker on a clear, sunny day. breath-taking.

me, conrad, ash and addison hamming it up before the big trek

how fun is it having pals on mat leave together? linds, frase, ash, adds, christina, deighton, me and con. super fun!

our fearless leader, janey. check out all the gear she needs to pack plus 20+lbs quinn!

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