Thursday, August 30, 2007

2 + 1 = 3

i can hardly believe all the events that have happened in a mere matter of days. jason and i are honest-to-god parents to our new baby boy. we have a baby...a baby boy! it is still so surreal. being at the hospital was like living in a little bubble, i was getting too used to hospital gowns that left my backside exposed and people in hairnets delivering my food...but of course in a good way. after 2 days at the hospital it felt a bit bizarre when it was finally time to leave and actually make our journey back home which seemed so far away, but we were ready, armed with our newest little wee pet, breast pump and what very little we knew about being parents. the only thing we didn't have was my pants. i'm blaming this on jason, in transition somewhere along the way he lost my pants. thank goodness that he packed his shorts in our bag because i would have been going home sans pantalons. our schedule is a little on the hairy side so here's the coles notes version on how the events unfolded and of course pictures of our new bundle of joy:

1. water broke on sunday, august 26. went to the hospital. false alarm. got sent home. no changes to the due date, still september 8th. had fish and chips for dinner.

2. gone to bed. jay's working on his board. contractions start at 2am, august 27. jay: still working on board. got no sleep. contractions continue and are really starting to hurt. (REALLY hurt.)

3. go to the hospital at 1pm. get assessed. 4-5cm dialated. contractions ongoing. moaning starts.

4. moaning continues.

5. tried laughing gas to take the edge off the pain. contrary to the name, this gas does not make you laugh.

6. 8cm dialated, water not broken. must manually break water.

7. doctor breaks the water. i dialate to 10cm in no time flat - "OK! push!"

8. 15 minutes of pushing and baby comes sliding down the birth canal as if it was a water slide. (OK, maybe not that easy or painless.) i'm also the new golden girl in the delivery ward. (OK, maybe not the entire delivery ward and maybe just in Delivery Room 5. i'm not known to brag your heart out girls.)

i guess many, if not all, of my posts will be about Baby so i'm sure a few of you folks out there reading this will get a little squirmy about poops, breasts and placentas and all the many things that the Chinese like to do with them...kidding. i'll be in my own little bubble for awhile but please don't forget to leave comments for me as this will probably be my only link to the outside world.

this has been a truly amazing experience for me, from the entire duration of the pregnancy to labour and delivery, and now i get to start a new life with my new little family. i couldn't have asked for anything more, except for a japadog around week 25. thank you, from the very bottom of my heart, to all our family and friends for all the gifts, love and support.

and now, what everyone's been waiting for...introducing our newest, littlest family member, Conrad Hudson, born on august 27th at 20:35, weighing in at 6.6lbs:

conrad says, "thanks, nicola for the super, cool, awesome, wicked toque!"

we did end up finding my pants. they were in the laptop bag. (and no, they didn't leave a second baby in my belly.)

Monday, August 20, 2007

summary: week one of a beautiful thing

you know that saying, "time flies when you're having fun"? it sure is true! SO much fun! the best feeling is when you don't even know what day it is, that's when you know you are having fun. i must say it was a busy week. my sister as well as friends from australia came into town so there was a lot of lunching and dim summing, needless to say, i think i've had my dim sum quota for the remainder of the year.

monday was a very productive day. my sister offered to do the baby announcements for horchie and i so i went over to my M&D's to help her out, but not before lunch, so nurse amy came out with us and also helped out with the announcements, it was a typical first day of school. i want to post a photo of the final product but i'll keep it a surprise, just like baby. thanks, rita, they look fabulous.

and the nesting begins, i've been organizing around the house and made this shelf for a shelf, it was starting to get a bit unruly. much better!

did a bit of shopping on west broadway. there is this great little shop called stepback and it carries the cutest merch. check out my loot:

i know it's going to be awhile until baby goes to school but the illustration on the cover of this keepsake book was too irresistable. i can actually collect baby's school artifacts from kindergarten to grade twelve! i think grade twelve is pushing it just a little but you never know! i've been in a bird phase as of late so i also picked up a few vintage postcards of birds to decorate baby's room. i love the baby blocks. there weren't too many letters left, lucky for baby! i don't think you'd find very many baby blocks nowadays with swiss army knives on them.

and aside from buying fun things for baby we've finally got some of the big things out of the way. we finally put the crib together and moved both the that and the change table into our bedroom. it was a bit peculiar to actually do this, but we are having a baby afterall. sometimes it is still very surreal that all i'm doing now is waiting for a baby to be born...and it's inside of me. i don't feel anything too different yet, there have been a few people who have said i've dropped but i don't feel like baby's dropped. i thought i might have been having braxton-hicks contractions, which are basically fake contractions but both my doc and i agree that it's most likely gas. pffft!! and we got the car seat. it's temporarily in hondaleeza right now but we'll move it out once we get our hands on andelica.

and the weekend wouldn't be a weekend if we didn't drop by the garden. we've eaten all the spinach and lettuce now so all that's left is swiss chard, beets, carrots, beans, broccoli and potatoes. we're kind of disappointed that the beets aren't doing that great. they are on the small side, very small side, but on the upside we have gotten some really big carrots. And the beans are going off the hizzle! we'll need to go back soon and start harvesting them perhaps for pickling purposes. the aphids are really annoying, first it was the chard, now it's the broccoli. i'll need to spray them down with soapy water next time were there.

and burnaby blackberries rock! we finally made jam with last year's harvest. horchie and i have gone out a couple of times already and the haul was very fruitful indeed. the official running total is 2lbs 15oz. living off the fat of the land, that's what i like.

Monday, August 13, 2007

the long awaited second entry

finally, i didn't think i would ever get to this second entry. much has happened so let's start with the last camping trip before baby decides to pop. ahh, it's aug long and time to head up to grizzley. for the last two years horchie and i have missed out on the grizzley action due to wedding action instead so we were really looking forward to this trip after this hiatus. YAY for the aug long spaghetti dinner! after everything was packed and ready to go it was 8pm when we finally hit the road...almost forgot our sleeping bags...can you imagine?!?!? despite the late start we arrived at camp C at about 3:20am...good driving, horch! we didn't make it out to the interlakes rodeo this year but instead everyone was in attendance for the 1st annual grizzley frisbee golf tournament! random team pairing resulted in me and grizzley bob as the first team to throw our frisbees. check out this impossible shot that grizzley bob totally made possible with the help of long limbs, something that i definately lack, plus i think i would've been way off centre if i tried to lie on my belly.

Here's some more good times had by all: davie-cakes down the straightaway.

the duchess of lindsor caught in the moment of contemplation at grizzley flats.

aside from all the frisbee fun there was much fun had on the lake, check me out in this gratuitous swimsuit photo, look out for in me the next sports illustrated.

we also got a chance to drive up to timothy lake and check out scott and colleen's pad...DUH!! why didn't we bring swim suits??? this is what we missed out on:

it kicked ass that davie-cakes, the duchess of lindsor, horchie and i were able to take the tuesday off. the day slowly clouded over but it's always sad to leave grizzley. the ride home as slow as usual (not in a bad way, penelope!) but was extra nice since we didn't need to deal with the long weekend traffic jam. so long for now, grizzley, i don't think we'll make it back for labour day weekend, heh heh. until next summer.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ring around the rosie?

after much talk, and there was much talk about blogging, i am finally online. i didn't really have ideas for a name so after being stumped i thought "ring around the rosie" would be kinda cute...until munsie pointed out what the ring really was. his thoughts: "Gross." what seemingly sounded like an innocent nursery rhyme was not at all. i blame this on my ESLism. it still plagues me everyday. no pun intended. but let's not take things so literal. i thought about changing the name but nothing clever has come to mind so it will have to do for now.

so where do i start? i'll start by congratulating my chums, mel and drew, who finally decided to tie the knot. Here are some pix of one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever attended. thanks for letting us celebrate it with you.

want more? follow this link:
more mundane things to come. please stayed tuned.