Saturday, January 5, 2008

lights out

the winds turned up a bit on thursday night but it was no where near the winds of the windstorm that lashed throughout the city last year, but nevertheless wind warnings were issued. i had put conrad down for a nap and waiting for jay to come home from work when...btzzz...the lights go out...but came back on again....phew...but then go out again, dammit. so i fumble in total darkness, trying hard not to stub my toe on countless baby items strewn on the floor, to light some candles. the first thing i do is check on the monster. funny that i checked on him, it was only the lights that went out. called linds and they still had their power. hmph.

luckily we had plans to go out for dinner to sushi garden (yum!) but by the time we came home the power was still out, so monster slept with us for the first time so he wouldn't be too cold in his little crib. it was fun, like we were camping. i can't wait until for summertime. for a little person, he's a big bed hog. he'll shimmy right close to you until you're just on the edge. silly boy.

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