Friday, February 29, 2008

the tables are turning...slowly

we are starting to see some progression with the little monster's sleep habits. i can't remember when we started our bedtime routine anymore but i think he is starting to get that after storytime it's bedtime. it's been awhile since my last post but i'm a tired mommy. i thought blogging would be easier than it is. words don't come easy to me so as much as i love sharing my going-ons sometimes it just seems like work. my english sucks and my chinese sucks but the upside is i'm pretty good as baby talk. who said the glass is half empty?

conrad is definately not a "cry it out" baby nor could i let him cry it out, it's just too heart wrenching. he would just cry all night if we tried that method. so the latest book i've read about infant sleep is the lull-a-baby sleep plan. of everything i've read i think this is most suitable for our little sleep monster. it's a middle of the road plan that allows parents to lull their babies into sleepy bliss. naps are getting a little better and nodding off to bed isn't that much of a fight anymore but long stretches of sleep are still random occurances but keep your fingers crossed, so far so good. the author is canadian so there are some links to some helpful websites that have canadian content so that's a bonus.

two weeks in review:

naomi at her shower, she is so cute pregnant!

rounded this photo of me as a babe, me and conrad share the same hairstyle, don't you think?

mmm, eggs benny. thanks, martha, for the breakfast show!

the first time we got to use the backpack (what a steal, thanks, colleen)! trekking around the backwoods of north burnaby.

"hello to baba! i'm so glad to see you!" singing the hello song in music class, thanks for coming, baba!
oh, my sweet boy! don't be so serious!

finally fitting into jade's overalls. thank you, jade! we miss your dinners!

first time on a swing! weee!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day

to the ladies. 'nough said.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


horchie is up for an elan this year again. the details i got from him were vague and the nominees list on their website has not been updated, but he's up for an elan in the best storyboarding category. check out their website but be forewarned that it's very no frills, here's a comprehensive list of nominees. i really hope he wins this year because i want him to win of course, but because the trophies are so bad they're good and because we can put it alongside my most honest golfer trophy. yes, that's an illustration of it on the left.

also up for awards are josh mephie and j falconer for best direction in an animated series, josh pong for best art direction and our favoritest italian, chris mizzoni for best animated short for clancy with the puck. pick up this one at your local bookstore, folks, because it's a keeper. every little boy and girl should have this on their bookshelf. there's even a bonus DVD of the animated short that's narrated by bob cole. that's right, folks, CBC colour commentator for HNIC. (horchie storyboarded that too!) good luck to all you guys!

radical's been nominated in a few of the gaming good luck to you, gerald, if you've been nominated too!

here are some pix from last year's awards ceremony:

the entire studio gang before heading out to the awards by limo. fancy.

william shatner hosted last year.

horchie and joshy with elan and beers in tow.

me and kenny park. jason who?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


the lack of it. we were so naive to think the monster wouldn't have any sleep problems and that things were going to stay the way they were. it was so great for the first 4 months. he was just waking once a night to feed so we were getting blocks of 3-5 hours of sleep each night, but now he's been waking up much more frequently, about 2-3 times more often. so i've borrowed just about every book on the topic of sleep from the BPL. i know i was walking a very fine line with sleep associations, especially the one they claim is the most powerful one of all: nursing to sleep. it happens more often at night than in the day but he isn't the best at naps either so i definately have my work cut out for me. i am, however, able to catch his morning nap. when i spot his first yawn i'll plop him down into his crib. that's probably the only piece of advice i've read from book that has actually worked. i was skeptical at first because he just didn't seem like he was tired but sure enough, he'd doze off all by himself, sans soothing. i thought i was on top of the world, sigh.

our bedtime routine, tonight it's "hop on pop"

we also thought that he wasn't getting enough from breastfeeding, for monster babies need lots of food to grow, so we started him on rice cereal. we weren't sure how he'd do with spoonfeeding but he did just fine, but i'm not all that surprised since he's been quite fixated with our food as we ate it at dinnertime. he's had a couple of rice cereal meals now and it hasn't helped with the sleep sitch.

but otherwise, he's my perfect little monster. so what if i'm a little bit tired? i just need to remind myself that these times are fleeting and i'll never have them again.

we just very recently put up the jolly jumper. monster just loves it but he just didn't know what to make of it when i first put him in it but he got the hang of it pretty quickly. i can't believe it's taken us so long to put it up. little fraser's been in his for several weeks now thanks to his daddy's handy dandy blanket rig. it was this brilliant contraption that kept a wee little horchie out of toruble on family camping trips. i can't wait to use it up at grizzley cause he'll probably be in a world of trouble by the summertime.

fraser and his specially rigged up jumper

some of you might know that chinese people wear jade because it's supposed to improve your health or some kind of mumble jumble like that so the one that conrad's sporting here is one that my sister, brother as well as myself wore when we were babies. it was given to us from our maternal grandmother. i thought that's pretty neat.

conrad's been rolling around in his crib and one day i found him sleeping on his front, guess i can't do much about that.

**to all our far away friends, we've signed up with skype so give us a ring-a-ling when you have free time!