Tuesday, March 11, 2008

welcome, max

this little bit of info deserves a post of it's very own. josh and naomi welcomed their beautiful little boy, max, yesterday afternoon. he too was early like conrad, and he was raring to come out as labour was less than 12 hours with only a half hour of pushing! (phew! i still retain the pushing title!) both mom and dad are doing and looking great.

boy, i thought conrad was pretty darn cute when he was born but that was a very biased opinion, but this little fella is keee-YOOT. it helps when you have very good looking parents. he didn't have any of those newborn traits like the conehead or the wrinkly, old man face. he was nice and 'rosie' with plump little fingers and hands. and he has the littlest baby cry, he is just precious. we are so happy for you, guys, congratulations!

here's melissa and i fawning over little max(ie).

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