Tuesday, March 25, 2008


ever tried travelling with a baby? the ratio of baby luggage to adult luggage is 3:1...and that's a minimum. but i guess you can't leave them at home, could you? but easter is always fun up in keremeos because easter = turkey. turkey = a good night's sleep, until it's time for a late night snack for the monster. but he did sleep incredibly well. must've been baba's house because it was back to the norm when we got home on monday.

a good start to the drive.  

good morning!

easter baby bunny!  thank you, mr + mrs K for the easter bunny!  he tastes real good. (a bit cannibalistic?)

the easter bunny set up a very pleasant surprise for the horychun kids.  jay's god parents came for a surprise visit and stayed for dinner.  i must say that i was very surprised!  conrad took to elizabeth instantly!

a good time was had by all but there must come a time to say farewall for now.  playing with baba before heading back home.


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