Tuesday, March 18, 2008

not so jolly...jumper

my moo stickers finally arrived. they are so rad! only thing is they came out a bit darker than the original images so the nice folks at moo gave me an additional stickerbook for free! thank you! so for those who are interested just brighten up your images a tad before submission. next order...mini cards!

we've had trouble finding the studs in our ceiling (oops, several holes later!) in the living room so we haven't been able to move the jolly jumper from our bedroom doorway. conrad is totally pissed.

so i tried hanging the jolly jumper on the deck for some new scenery and fresh air but he still wasn't impressed...

my feet can't even touch the deck, mom! gaad!

but check out his cool threads in his pissed off photo. we got it at the japanese flea market at nikkei place for a buck. ONE BUCK! what a deal. we also got a couple more pieces of clothing and a pair of shoes for my little buddy as well as some tupperware! we got a killer deal because the lady selling it used to do parties but got out of the business. we got 6 modular mate pieces with cobalt blue lids for $32! it was so meant to be. thank you tupperware lady, you made my day!

we planted so garlic last fall and look how well it's doing! we aren't doing the community garden this year which is a bummer because the Parker's are getting a plot right beside our old one! but dave and linds are clearing out little dog's pen for a backyard garden so we'll be taking part in that. fun!

my cousin jacky was on a 22 day vacation and decided to cruise into vancouver for a few days. the last time he was in town was about 7-8 years ago when he was just a young punk...still is. he absolutely loved conrad but who doesn't? jacky also gotten into modeling since the last time i saw him...i know, big time. check him out, he's apparently with HK's largest talent agency.

oh, conrad, you are a heartbreaker!

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