Tuesday, March 11, 2008

lordy, lordy, looks who's 37

happy birthday, horchie! i know, he doesn't look his age, it must be because he's got such a youthful wife! since he's got curling playoffs tonight, we celebrated last night with a feast from vij's rangoli.

oh, my. oh, my my my. it was simply delicious. vikram vij is indeed a genius because those who have babies who don't take the bottle can't wait 3 hours just to get a table at vij's so we brought vij's to burnaby. it was too easy. ready made dinners, all you need to do is dunk those little bags into boiling water for 20 minutes and voila! but apparently it was too easy because i forgot to make the rice (doh!), good thing i picked up some naan.

here's what was on the menu:

punjabi lamb curry
saag and paneer
garnet yams and green chili dumplings
tamarind and date chutney and naan

and don't forget dessert: vij's rice pudding. Y-U-M!

look's like he enjoyed it as much as i did. poor little monster only had rice cereal for dinner, but i don't think it bothered him much. maybe next year buddy!

happy birthday, my love xxxx

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