Thursday, September 27, 2007

happy one month

doesn't feel like a month, does it? conrad's one month birthday has descended upon us. he's already over 9lbs after our doctor's visit at the beginning of the week so there's no doubt that he's put on a couple more ounces since then. they sure seem to grow up in a jiffy...sigh, if they could just stay small. there are times i think he's grown even just after a nap. his jowels make him look like a little bulldog. he's just so cute! the rash on his forehead is actually seborrheic dermatitis aka cradle cap and unfortunately it's not pretty and it lasts from 4-6 weeks. so just a note to future moms: get your announcement photos before the 20 or more rashes appear or else you'll have flaky baby pictures, which will still be cute but just flaky. conrad's weight is about average on his growth chart but his length is just a little below the 50th percentile which is no surprise since his parents aren't freakish giants.

he looks way bigger in his car seat. did you know that a baby's head is roughly 2/3's their body weight? fun fact, huh?

everyday i find new things about little conrad. for example, i was smelling his wee little hands and was surprised that instead of sweet smelling baby hands they were kinda stinky sour hands. i was shattered! our angel (really he is!) has stinky sour hands! even so we still have him wear his silly mitts to prevent him from gauging his precious little eyeballs out which probably contributes to his stinky hands as well as the fact that he has his fists clenched all day.

a crying baby beckons...until next time. happy one month birthday, monster.


krista said...

Happy one month birthday Conrad! You are very cute. If you were here I'd gladly lick your flakes off. And don't you worry, my paws usually smell like old tacos, or a bit gym socky but I think my people still love me very much. Love, Ribsy

Anonymous said...

Happy happy one month! I cnanot believe that it's already been a month. I really need to come over to meet this little angel of yours. I love the pics. He's such a cutie! You and Jay both look great as well. I'll have to call soon. Can't wait. -annie

The Munson said...

He is so awesome.