Thursday, September 20, 2007

telly scramble

so the new telly season has just started...not that it means much to me because we don't have cable but thank goodness for our rabbit ears we get the CBC (of course), cityTV and, albeit crappy, chek 6 island and KVOS. however, we do get an exclusive station here, conradTV. the only downside is this channel doesn't work with our remote control.

we take what we get so it's usually CBC and that comprises of the national, the hour (love strombo) and other quality programs that our beloved national broadcasting corporation produces. little changes on the CBC but a pleasant surprise this season is the martha stewart show in the 11am timeslot. hallelujah! my savour to daytime telly! as sad as this may sound, there is absolutely nothing on daytime television and it's not because we only have 4 channels.

cityTV, however, has made copious changes to their lineup. they have replaced star daily with wheel of fortune and re-runs of friends with jeopardy! how am i supposed to get my daily dose of entertainment news!?! i can live with jeopardy but wheel of fortune?!? now i'm forced to watch eTalk daily on chek 6 which i have previously mentioned comes in pretty crappy but your eyes gradually gets used to the snowiness. this channel makes everything else look like high def!

as a self-professed ANTM junkie, i was not too impressed with this season's premiere. it was very lacklustre. the girls were blah and the future theme sounds lame. i was not even interested in visiting the website and tyra looked fat. very disappointing, enough said. when is reality TV going to be over? the saving grace? the fifth estate...thank god for investigative reporting.

my tv woes aside, my little milk monster is growing before my eyes. he's starting to get sausage fingers, chubby cheeks and a double chin. the last time he was weighed, conrad was at 7lbs15oz and we're visiting the doc's next week for his one month check up so we'll get a new update. i can't believe it will be one whole month already. the days go by so quickly i wish i had a rewind button. the poor little fella has a bit of a rash on his face. at one point it got so bad it looked like he had a little red mask on. so off to the doctor's we went, as anxious parents that we were, and all was good. apparently there are about 20 different newborn rashes...who knew, because they only list about 4 of them in the books.

his tear ducts are starting to produce teeny weeny tears and it makes it even more sad for me when he cries now...and the boy can cry. i think he is coming out of his sleepy newborn stage (sigh) and is coming to terms that he won't be able to crawl back into the womb where it was basically perfect and i can't blame him especially when there are chinese ladies talking in high pitch gibberish, constantly fawning over him when my mom had a little viewing of our little guy last week. it was a hoot if you liked pickled eggs and pig trotters, ginger soup and chinese ladies.

other than that he eats well (very well), cries well and poops and pees well. life is good if you are a baby, specifically, life is good if you are conrad but life is also very good if you are me. he makes me laugh daily. i really didn't think that i would enjoy motherhood as much as i do. i mean, i was very apprehensive about it but it's been so great that i can hardly remember what it was like before him. cheesy, i know but i know you'll keep coming back for more.

and look who came for a visit! the travers pack but minus the pooch. sorry you had to miss out, ribsy! we'll have to visit you out in the hammer. it was great seeing you guys!

finally, our dear friends, josh and naomi, broke the news to us...well, me really because horchie knew already (he's a really good secret keeper) that they are expecting! i couldn't be more happy for them. congratulations, guys! we can't wait to meet your little, big bundle of joy. yay for another little buddy for conrad!

and another round of congrats to corrina, the girl who likes to fill out forms, who is also expecting! i can't believe the number of people who are having out or you might catch it.

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