Wednesday, September 5, 2007

farty mcGee

thanks for comments, guys! things have somewhat settled down around this neck of the woods. the first couple of nights were pretty rough. l'il conrad had extended lung exercise sessions into the most ungodly hours of the night. he certainly does have a very good set of pipes. but we are now very relieved that he is sleeping well between feeds although we still need to wake for scheduled feedings. he has also unknowingly made diaper changes bit of a game for jay and i. he, so far, has farted in both of our faces and displayed a very impressive fountain show, one would even compare it to those seen in las vegas minus the lights display. it's a pretty fun game so i'm throwing this invitation to those interested in taking part.

we've have two outings already, both times to the doctor's office. why is that there are so many GPs who are lazy? i have countless horror stories (my own as well as others) of doctor's who show the utmost disregard for the very reason for our visits, healthcare. my family doc weighed conrad at our request only because "we wanted him to". so he pulls out his scale that probably hasn't seen the light of day since i don't know when. i was very unimpressed, but i have been for awhile but now that we have a little family this healthcare business is a bit of a priority. so if any of you guys would like to recommend your GPs to us please, please give us a shout!

this is conrad's second car ride since coming home from the hospital and as you can tell he's not too impressed and a few more other pics as well. i really like the sleepy time ones.

so, as i was dressing conrad after one of his feeding sessions i noticed that is umbilical cord stump had fallen out. it wasn't in his diaper. it wasn't on the bed. it wasn't anywhere. i don't know what we would do with it but i was a little disappointed that we had lost this little piece of him. this little piece was the one piece of evidence that we were once attached to each other. but there was a pleasant turn of events in this seemingly sad story. the little stump was stuck to my robe. phew. so here it is in all it's glory.


Ashley said...

beautiful little guy. wow!

Anonymous said...

the little stump looks like a raisin! yum.

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Gambler said...

OK the stump is gross. I'm trying to enjoy a cup of coffee here.

Gambler said...

Oh and you should probably turn on comment "keyword" protection so you don't get endless spam like the junk above here. It just means people have to type in a random keyword before posting, which screws up the bots out there.

Stump's still gross, BTW.