Monday, January 12, 2009

working 5 to 9

some of you may know i've started working again. it has been a few months now but i still don't feel like it's a good fit but the reality of it is i need 600 hours to qualify for EI. i just got paid last week and i officially have 218 hours under my belt. sigh, only 382 hours to go - insert picture of me blowing on a party horn. so on my name tag i am a "sales advisor" i mean being a "mom on one", which is also on my name tag, you'd think it would help me advise people but i feel like a big portion of the merchandise is just a lot of "not necessary but nice to have stuff"...most definately you'll be needing that wipes warmer and the $400 organic crib bedding. jason and i were most fortunate as we were given a lot of baby stuff so we only researched on a need to research basis and needless to say i am still traumatized by the adult diaper fetish sites i came across when i was researching cloth diapers but had i known the amount of baby stuff you can buy and stuff that people actually do buy, i would have thought twice about working there but beggers cannot be choosers...until they win the lottery.
i would have believed you if you told me there was a recession before christmas. there were many night shifts where i was just twiddling my thumbs, dusting and re-dusting the same display case but if you asked me this weekend i would have retorted, "what recession?" the clientele i serve is mostly of all walks of life but we carry some higher end merch so i do have the luck of "advising" snooty ass preggo ladies who think they are the only ones who are with child, grumble, grumble. when i first started i was just flabbergasted how people would spend their money but i'm jaded now, apparently it's the norm to spend upwards of $1000 on a crib, guess i've been living under a rock all this time.

but enough of this "woe is me" crap. our hard work is starting to finally pay off. just a few weeks ago conrad went to the potty all by himself. he didn't tell me or indicate to me he needed to go he just went to the potty all by himself! i'm even taking him out on walks sans diaper. he even peed on the snow for the first time last week. we don't have too many accidents on the carpet anymore but sometimes i'll miss him going to the potty and he'll end up going to the potty with his pants on, thank goodness it's only been number 1 but the good thing i think he's starting to understand the concept of pulling his pants off and on when he needs to go, just needs a little more practice. exciting isn't it?

the snow is just about gone now much to conrad's dismay, can't you tell he's having a ball?

check out his new kicks, courtesy of auntie wendy and tucker.

and his oh so chic bathrobe also courtesy of auntie wendy

happy birthday, tong tong! i love your tutu!

i'm glad you like your black apple doll! here she is with her proud popo.

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