Monday, January 5, 2009

happy 2009.

i resolve. i don't usually resolve much because i know i'll never stick to it but i resolve to not procrastinate --- please don't laugh. i know, i know, it's probably much more that i can chew but i'm tired of playing catch up! it was a good start to the end of the year because we got our christmas cards drawn, coloured, written up and stamped all ready for the merry elves at the post office on december 18th. how about them apples? positive reinforcement is much appreciated.

christmas this year was pretty low-key. the snow wreaked havoc on rita's flight out from calgary but we were all happy she was able to make it back despite all that silly white stuff falling from the sky. when i was little someone once told me that white stuff was god's dandruff. ick, but anyways, i digress. as always we had christmas dinner at the usual, so "christmas story" but so nice and easy! my MIL hopped on the big grey dog and we celebrated post christmas day which meant we didn't have turkey and cranberries until the 28th! mmm-mmm but is was all worth it. all three of us were spoiled again this year, especially the little monster. the monster is still a monster who runs around like a wild banshee and pulling all the books and dvds off the shelves and climbs on to the rocking chair and coffee table but that why we love him so.

ooh, snow!

ooh! more snow!

whoa. snow.

i like snow.

not this much.

my first backpack, MEC of course!

bring it on rain! i'm newt-ified!

goofing with the cuz and aunt

hmm, not so sure about this roughriders t-shirt! thanks garth and donna!

classic toque hair

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