Monday, January 19, 2009

inauguration day

there's no denying that even here in canada there is an excitement about barack obama's inauguration tomorrow. i'm in no way a politic hound but we are witnessing an historic event. never in my lifetime did i think there would be an african-american man taking the oval office. not because i think there was not a capable, intelligent enough african-american individual to hold this position but because i just did not think the united states of america would be ready for one. i mean, the american civil rights movement was just a mere 50ish years ago when blacks couldn't go to the same schools as whites, had to sit at the back of the bus, had designated water fountains to drink from and other countless forms of racial segregation all of which seems like such a foreign concept that these things even took place but frankly, i'm sure these types of events still happen in today's world but starting with the beginning of tomorrow's events i feel that there is a renewed sense of hope. this is not just a step forward but a tremendous leap forward for humanity. i feel very fortunate to witness a black american president take power in my lifetime because this gives me hope that in conrad's lifetime there will be less hate and less war. change we can believe in.

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Rita said...

Well said. In class we watched MLK's I Have a Dream speech yesterday, then watched the Inauguration today. It was great to watch such a significant and historic event. I even ordered a few Obama Action Figures. And Conrad, I'm sure Barack would love a Teddypuff.