Sunday, May 18, 2008

how is your poo today?

never did i think that i would be so curious and concerned about poo, hence this early morning post. conrad didn't poo yesterday so after his middle of the night feed i was worried that he'd poo his pants so i stood outside his bedroom listening for grunts at 4:20am in the morning because i love catching his poo in the pottie. no, i am dead serious. you really get this satisfaction of knowing you saved yourself from cleaning some nasty s***. pun intended. but i also do feel bad when i do miss a poo, i mean, i don't think anyone enjoys crapping themselves and so i don't think babies like to either, which is basically the theory behind the diaper-free method. babies, apparently are born to communicate with us when they need to eliminate but because we lack this knowledge we miss the signals. so babies learn to to poo and pee themselves thinking that's what they're supposed to do and when it's time for potty training they're like, "whaaat?!? i thought i was supposed to poop and pee myself. what 'cha talkin about, mama?" some might see this as some hippie gibberish but based on the results that we've had so far i highly recommend at least trying this because it's doesn't require as much patience as you might think and it means one less diaper to wash and/or toss which the environment will love you for. our friend, janey, practiced it with her son and for awhile she said that he was going diaper-free at nights! we haven't had that kind of success with conrad but i am very pleased that he had caught to what the potty is used, conrad, that is not a hat.

but anyways, back to the poo itself. what am i concerned and curious about? i'm curious and concerned about the firmness, the colour, the consistency, the frequency, what it looks like, is it smelling the same, etcetera, etcetera. and i'm sure there are many other things that one could look for in infant poop for example naomi was telling me that stringy-ness in breastmilk poo may mean an intolerance to something mom's eating. how would one test for stringy-ness? well, you rub the poo together (in the diaper but i guess you can use your hands if you were a tactile type of person) and peel apart. how's that for a conversation starter?

breastmilk poo rules. solid food poo sucks. breastmilk poo never bothered me, that's probably because his poo's now are basically like mini man turds. for short-while he was quite regular and i was catching close to 90% of his poo in the pottie. his poops of late, though, are getting a bit more sporadic with a lack of rhyme or reason. he went from twice a day to once a day to once every day and a half then all of a sudden 3 a day then back to once a day. i was a wee bit thrown and missed a couple here and there. ugh...but i will not this discourage me! i will not be satisfied until i catch all his poo's! plus, just look at how much conrad enjoys his time on the pottie (like every guy!).

hooray! thumbs up for the pottie!

sorry to disappoint but there will not be any poo photos to complement this entry. so how was your poo today?

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