Thursday, May 29, 2008

belated shout outs

shout outs to my popo and auntie nancy who celebrated their birthdays on sunday!

popo, sang yut fai lok!

happy birthday, auntie pantz!


Jocelan Thiessen said...

hey rosie!
i didn't know you had a blog till now! I also read your post on your craft mobile and i really like it! too bad i think i missed that craft show but i am recently making crafts full time. I also love your stories of motherhood like the poo post! As i hope to start a family soon too it is suddenly pretty fascinating..hehe

Zombz said...

Ok Lady, Hands Down your Blog kicks butt on mine ANY day! AND may I add I finally met your lil' beaner....what a Cutie! I think my Fav. post of yours is the poop story! I thought I was nuts when I was checking the cats to make sure they were ok after having fleas. I still make sure everything is on the up and up...Can hardly wait till I'm an official Mom...not anytime soon I hope! The cats are a handful as it is!

Many Hugs! -Kristi