Monday, August 20, 2007

summary: week one of a beautiful thing

you know that saying, "time flies when you're having fun"? it sure is true! SO much fun! the best feeling is when you don't even know what day it is, that's when you know you are having fun. i must say it was a busy week. my sister as well as friends from australia came into town so there was a lot of lunching and dim summing, needless to say, i think i've had my dim sum quota for the remainder of the year.

monday was a very productive day. my sister offered to do the baby announcements for horchie and i so i went over to my M&D's to help her out, but not before lunch, so nurse amy came out with us and also helped out with the announcements, it was a typical first day of school. i want to post a photo of the final product but i'll keep it a surprise, just like baby. thanks, rita, they look fabulous.

and the nesting begins, i've been organizing around the house and made this shelf for a shelf, it was starting to get a bit unruly. much better!

did a bit of shopping on west broadway. there is this great little shop called stepback and it carries the cutest merch. check out my loot:

i know it's going to be awhile until baby goes to school but the illustration on the cover of this keepsake book was too irresistable. i can actually collect baby's school artifacts from kindergarten to grade twelve! i think grade twelve is pushing it just a little but you never know! i've been in a bird phase as of late so i also picked up a few vintage postcards of birds to decorate baby's room. i love the baby blocks. there weren't too many letters left, lucky for baby! i don't think you'd find very many baby blocks nowadays with swiss army knives on them.

and aside from buying fun things for baby we've finally got some of the big things out of the way. we finally put the crib together and moved both the that and the change table into our bedroom. it was a bit peculiar to actually do this, but we are having a baby afterall. sometimes it is still very surreal that all i'm doing now is waiting for a baby to be born...and it's inside of me. i don't feel anything too different yet, there have been a few people who have said i've dropped but i don't feel like baby's dropped. i thought i might have been having braxton-hicks contractions, which are basically fake contractions but both my doc and i agree that it's most likely gas. pffft!! and we got the car seat. it's temporarily in hondaleeza right now but we'll move it out once we get our hands on andelica.

and the weekend wouldn't be a weekend if we didn't drop by the garden. we've eaten all the spinach and lettuce now so all that's left is swiss chard, beets, carrots, beans, broccoli and potatoes. we're kind of disappointed that the beets aren't doing that great. they are on the small side, very small side, but on the upside we have gotten some really big carrots. And the beans are going off the hizzle! we'll need to go back soon and start harvesting them perhaps for pickling purposes. the aphids are really annoying, first it was the chard, now it's the broccoli. i'll need to spray them down with soapy water next time were there.

and burnaby blackberries rock! we finally made jam with last year's harvest. horchie and i have gone out a couple of times already and the haul was very fruitful indeed. the official running total is 2lbs 15oz. living off the fat of the land, that's what i like.

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