Monday, August 13, 2007

the long awaited second entry

finally, i didn't think i would ever get to this second entry. much has happened so let's start with the last camping trip before baby decides to pop. ahh, it's aug long and time to head up to grizzley. for the last two years horchie and i have missed out on the grizzley action due to wedding action instead so we were really looking forward to this trip after this hiatus. YAY for the aug long spaghetti dinner! after everything was packed and ready to go it was 8pm when we finally hit the road...almost forgot our sleeping bags...can you imagine?!?!? despite the late start we arrived at camp C at about 3:20am...good driving, horch! we didn't make it out to the interlakes rodeo this year but instead everyone was in attendance for the 1st annual grizzley frisbee golf tournament! random team pairing resulted in me and grizzley bob as the first team to throw our frisbees. check out this impossible shot that grizzley bob totally made possible with the help of long limbs, something that i definately lack, plus i think i would've been way off centre if i tried to lie on my belly.

Here's some more good times had by all: davie-cakes down the straightaway.

the duchess of lindsor caught in the moment of contemplation at grizzley flats.

aside from all the frisbee fun there was much fun had on the lake, check me out in this gratuitous swimsuit photo, look out for in me the next sports illustrated.

we also got a chance to drive up to timothy lake and check out scott and colleen's pad...DUH!! why didn't we bring swim suits??? this is what we missed out on:

it kicked ass that davie-cakes, the duchess of lindsor, horchie and i were able to take the tuesday off. the day slowly clouded over but it's always sad to leave grizzley. the ride home as slow as usual (not in a bad way, penelope!) but was extra nice since we didn't need to deal with the long weekend traffic jam. so long for now, grizzley, i don't think we'll make it back for labour day weekend, heh heh. until next summer.

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