Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ring around the rosie?

after much talk, and there was much talk about blogging, i am finally online. i didn't really have ideas for a name so after being stumped i thought "ring around the rosie" would be kinda cute...until munsie pointed out what the ring really was. his thoughts: "Gross." what seemingly sounded like an innocent nursery rhyme was not at all. i blame this on my ESLism. it still plagues me everyday. no pun intended. but let's not take things so literal. i thought about changing the name but nothing clever has come to mind so it will have to do for now.

so where do i start? i'll start by congratulating my chums, mel and drew, who finally decided to tie the knot. Here are some pix of one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever attended. thanks for letting us celebrate it with you.

want more? follow this link:
more mundane things to come. please stayed tuned.


The Munson said...

Hurrah for you! Welcome to bloggy fun.

Jade said...

hey rosie, it's great to see regular photos of your little man. he's a bit adorable, i guess you don't need to be convinced though...
hope you receive my parcel,by the sounds little conrad will grow into them before you know it. hope you, jay and the babe are all well.
much love