Tuesday, September 22, 2009

last days of summer

three weeks have come and gone and little sylvie has, i think, grown so much. it's hard to tell since i see her everyday. i wish so much for sylvie to just stay small...just stay a little baby. my little baby, because my other little baby isn't so little anymore. he's talking so much now. no sentences yet but his first three syllable word is chewbacca. impressive, huh? and he just loves his little sister. we haven't run into too many problems with conrad since bringing her home but i suspect he just gets a little fed up with her from time to time. even so, i think he is adjusting very well and the girl is adjusting pretty well too. for a 3 week old baby she still sleeps a lot of the time so much so i think it's the calm before the storm. i don't think conrad slept as much as she does but i'm not complaining at all. i'm sure she'll let us know once she's caught up on her sleep.

as for me, i've been coping well because jay's been home and that has been such a big help. i can't imagine how it'd be like if it were just me, but soon he will have to return to work, sigh. i'm sure i'll be calling on my newly retired mother for some help for she's just a phone call away!

the last days of summer have snuck up on us but luckily the days have still been beautiful. it's been a little more difficult to spend the time outside with sylvie but when we do it's been so much fun just hanging out and horsing around with conrad. i hope the days stay like this for a bit longer before the dark and gloomy vancouver days become the norm...

...though you can always find the beauty in nature no matter which season.

i can still remember when we had to catch him at the bottom of the slide. not anymore!

the boy's getting heavy but you wouldn't be able to tell in this photo.

this really is the best way to spend the time.

oh, my boy...

and my sleepy girl

still sleepy.

a gentle morning nuzzle

not so sleepy here

i love it when conrad hams it up for the cam.

our friends, alice, johnny, marcus and their newest not so little edition, kyle, were back in town for a visit. marcus is still very tall, just like johnny and kyle is not light weight either. the boys warmed up ratherly quickly despite not having seen each other for almost a year ago! kara's still has her eye on conrad but there weren't too many sparks between kyle and sylvie because they both enjoy sleeping more. alice and family braved the 10+ hour flight from hong kong...they lived to tell about it...i wonder when we can do that same, unfortunately whenever that will be conrad will have to pay full fare. oh, well, at least sylvie will still get to fly for free!

photo evidence that kara thinks conrad's a stud muffin


buddy picture on the couch!

when there is an alice there is always a sherri nearby.


blog said...

She's growing...so happy for you,
i got your beautiful thank you card,thanks...if


Roseanne:i got your beautiful thank you card...thanks.
baby so pretty,and so cute too,i thank if Jason go to work,just call your mom to help,she always be your side,haha.
OK..say hello to Jason for me,talk to you later,bye bye.

Jocelan Thiessen said...

she is adorable!! get your rest

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M said...

Rosia and Jay, we are so happy for you guys. You have 1 beautiful family. All the best to you in New 2010. xo
Marianna and Jorden

オテモヤン said...


Hobo Divine said...

Congratulations you four!!!!
Wow fantastic... a lot has happened!
I'm so happy for you!

Take care Rosie,

~ Hobo