Wednesday, April 9, 2008

what a week and a half

i can't believe it's already been a week since calgary...and boy, it was a real close call with the bear at the zoo. since we've been home we've had a very yummy birthday dinner (thank you, DLF), a super babies play date, a pampered chef party, found a prospective buyer for our dear old penelope, flea marketing in west van and some good z's inbetween.

what do you call roast beef, yorkshire pudding, mashed yams, corn on the cob, broccoli and cauliflower in cheese sauce and roast potatoes? a kick ass dinner is what you call it. we would have been happy with kraft dinner jazzed up with wieners and broccoli but roast beef with with all the fixin's! you guys are too good to us!

and what a play date this one was, four girls, three boys and twins! all the babies were so good, no crying or fussing. and it was finally nice to meet you little fallon. i say this everytime but i just can't believe how small newborns are because our little monster must be closing in on 20lbs. conrad had an extra long morning nap so we arrived for the festivites a bit late and because we were having such a great time we skipped our first music class! oh, well, it was worth it! check out some the of the baby action.

wee little angels...

uh oh, baby mayhem

phew, good thing fallon was on the other side or else she could've been crushed by the little rabble-rousers!

deighton and addie get my vote for prom king and queen!

nice to meet you, fallon!

marley, you're such a cutie!

and fraser too!

ella: stop being the exersaucer hog, conrad!

conrad: sorry, dollface, i don't have one at home so you're gonna have to wait your turn!

a flea market find

a visit from the mepham's, max you are so big!

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Rita said...

Looks like all those babies had fun at Babypalooza....miss you, little dude.