Tuesday, April 15, 2008

clap clap!

i am so lucky to have this little boy in my life. over the weekend he showed us how to clap. our baby is clapping! he's growing up too quickly and there is no pause button. it seems so long ago that he starting grabbing and holding things. clapping seems so wild. and this little monster has an appetite to match. i'm so delighted when he enjoys that foods that we give him...yams and squash and carrots, bananas, apples and broccoli...and that's only the tip of the iceberg. i can't wait when we can feed him off our plates. introducing new foods for allergies is so tedious. and it won't be very long now until my plump prince starts crawling, then we'll be in trouble but for now, we're in the clear.

enjoy the clapping.

on your marks!

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Anonymous said...

hi chick, your little man is so adorable, i really want to squeeze him. to hear you voice was like music to my ears coz you're just so cute also. hugs to you all, much love, jada