Tuesday, March 10, 2009

happy FIRST birthday, max

i can't believe that it was a year today that our little buddy max was born. how time flies! i think most of conrad's pals now are over a year in age and he's now got a couple of pals still baking in the oven. max had a kick ass birthday party over the weekend and as always the food was delish but poor little conrad was feeling under the weather but despite that he still had a good time giving high fives all around and blowing kisses to the ladies.

oh, max, how you've changed and grown over the last year...can i hold you like a baby?

fresh from the womb

i love sleeping babies

fergus, please don't eat my face

max: conrad why do you have a dish rag on your head?

conrad: because my dad is ukrainian.


mom and dad, thanks for protecting my ears

did someone say fish and chips?