Wednesday, February 13, 2008


horchie is up for an elan this year again. the details i got from him were vague and the nominees list on their website has not been updated, but he's up for an elan in the best storyboarding category. check out their website but be forewarned that it's very no frills, here's a comprehensive list of nominees. i really hope he wins this year because i want him to win of course, but because the trophies are so bad they're good and because we can put it alongside my most honest golfer trophy. yes, that's an illustration of it on the left.

also up for awards are josh mephie and j falconer for best direction in an animated series, josh pong for best art direction and our favoritest italian, chris mizzoni for best animated short for clancy with the puck. pick up this one at your local bookstore, folks, because it's a keeper. every little boy and girl should have this on their bookshelf. there's even a bonus DVD of the animated short that's narrated by bob cole. that's right, folks, CBC colour commentator for HNIC. (horchie storyboarded that too!) good luck to all you guys!

radical's been nominated in a few of the gaming good luck to you, gerald, if you've been nominated too!

here are some pix from last year's awards ceremony:

the entire studio gang before heading out to the awards by limo. fancy.

william shatner hosted last year.

horchie and joshy with elan and beers in tow.

me and kenny park. jason who?

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