Wednesday, December 5, 2007

baby bottle blues

for the last few weeks we have tried to give conrad the bottle but with very little success. we introduced it to him awhile ago now and he took it with out any fuss so we didn't think it was an issue but i guess we weren't giving it to him regularly enough. wah! i now totally feel like i've sort of failed as a mother in this area and i know that it sounds very silly but doesn't every parent want to raise the perfect-ist little child? we're going to try and try but it's just sooooooo (multipled by infinity)sad to see little conrad cry so hard.

i don't get it, the milk inside the bottle is the same stuff from my boob but he just won't have any of it and it makes me so sad. we tried using a couple of different nipples and "transitional" cup which is a basically a sippy cup but with a soft nipple like mouth piece. horchie had to resort to using an eyedropper to feed once while i was away. we bought another more traditional sippy cup but we haven't tried it yet so wish us luck. so all you new moms out there, introduce your little one the bottle once you've established breastfeeding. one of the new mom's i've met used the bottle every three days and now her little girl lets anyone feed her by the bottle. sigh. if anyone has anymore advice for me about introducing the bottle to the little monster, please, please send it my way! i need all the help i can get.

here's an arty one for you folks!

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Ashley said...

hey rosie!

being a mom rocks hey? me and addy are having so much fun...crazy!

i heard that if you introduce a soother first to get them used to the artificial nipple, it could help them get used to the bottle.

addy's using a soother off and on, but she spits it out by accident and then freaks out - very funny.

when the holidays die down (and all our family madness), lets make some regular hook up going to need the mommy time!

love ash