Thursday, November 1, 2007

all hallow's eve

the days leading up to halloween felt more like christmas and i was one of santa's little elves madly sewing the little monster's halloween costume. i couldn't let halloween go by without dressing him up! so what did we dress him up as? take a peek below:

all i could talk about while being pregnant was hotdogs so of course conrad was going to be a hotdog! and what a cute little hotdog he was! we went to the parent tot drop in session and almost all the other babies were dressed up too but to our dismay there were 2 other hotdogs there already! it was like going to the prom in your best ballgown only to find that there are 2 other girls with the same ballgown. there were pumpkins, turtles bugs and bears. conrad wasn't a very happy wiener during this photo op, he cried the whole way through. oh, conrad!

we helped dave and linds hand out candy to the kiddies as we feasted on chili. it was delish. linds is getting close now and her belly is big. we can't wait to meet you little waltsie, everybody's anxiously waiting your arrival!

conrad also got to meet our transplanted west coast fashionista, anita! even though her nieces and nephew are all grown up she's still got that baby charm or dare i say conrad's got the lady charm.

it's a short entry this time, sorry folks, that's all for now. signing off with a photo of conrad hog #1 and another of conrad because he is just so darn cute.


amy said...

Awwwww, Conrad was the cutest hot dog!

Anonymous said...

hey rosie! conrad is indeed a super cute hottie doggie. LOL. i hope that you'll be around this remembrance day weekend so that i may come and meet the little guy and see you and jay. -annie